by Javon Adams

In the wake of the Suns’ most recent road loss to the Sacramento Kings, it is officially time to sound the alarm of concern. On the EZ Sports Talk Show I have tried to be the voice of reason and urge patience, but losing 6 of 7 has caused me to reconsider my stance. Yes, Kevin Durant’s impending return will help. Yes, Deandre Ayton will give a lift to the starting lineup and allow the reserves to find rhythm. I wonder how much the aforementioned Durant will be able to impact a team that seems to be adrift.

The window of opportunity may appear to be 3 years given the remainder of Durant’s contract, but there are no guarantees in sports. The Western Conference is more wide open than it has ever been but the landscape can change in the blink of an eye. Devin Booker is in his prime and Chris Paul doesn’t pack the punch that he has in seasons past.

The sands in the hourglass of the regular season are almost gone. Can the Suns use the refresh of the playoffs to pull it together?

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