About EZ Sports Talk

Edward M. Smith III was born in Trenton, New Jersey and moved to the small town of Browns Mills, New Jersey as a young boy. Ed was blessed with an incredible family and wealth of attributes. His strong family foundation, faith and unwillingness to never give up have sustained him in both his personal and professional life.

At an early age, Ed played the games that many boys do – baseball, basketball and football. As he grew, so did his skill on the playing fields and his true passion for sports. By the time Ed neared the end of his high school career at the age of 17, the unbelievable task of deciding his entire future weighed heavily on his shoulders. Which sport, baseball or football? At what level, collegiate or professional?

Ed chose to forgo college and pursue his professional career directly out of high school in 1987. He was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 7th round and began the quest to accomplish his childhood dream of playing Major League Baseball two days after graduating from Pemberton Township High School. After traveling the winding road of minor league baseball for nine years, frustrated by the results and direction of his career, Ed came to a crossroad in his life – the love he had for baseball had been replaced by the cruel reality of the business. It was time for a professional change, but what would he do next?

Overcoming incredible odds, Ed pursued football as a second career. His transformation from a 9 year minor league baseball veteran to a tight end in the NFL was accomplished by a level of perseverance and dedication rarely seen. One of the rewards for all the hard work, an appearance in Super Bowl XXXIII as a member of the 1998 NFC Champions – The Atlanta Falcons (The Dirty Birds).

Today Ed lives in Peoria, Arizona. He travels the country as a Motivational Speaker, supports a variety of charities and organizations and has a passion to help encourage the youth of America to stay on the right track and never give up on their dreams.

Author of EZ Does It: The Journey of a Lifetime

EZ Does It: The Journey of a Lifetime chronicles not only sports highs and lows, but also major life decisions and their consequences. More than just the story of a sportsman, the book delves deep into Ed’s soul and allows you, the reader, a look inside the life of a very private man. Someone once called Ed “one of the greatest athletes the world had never heard of.” Readers will celebrate, sympathize, agonize and rejoice with Ed as they experience a kind of life few have been blessed to live. It is indeed,
The Journey of a Lifetime!

9 Year Pro Baseball Career 1987-95
Chicago White Sox 1987-91
Milwaukee Brewers 1991-93
Chicago Cubs 1994
Cleveland Indians 1995

6 Year Pro Football Career 1996-2001
Frankfurt Galaxy 1996 (World League of American Football)
Washington Redskins 1996
Atlanta Falcons 1997-98 (Member of 1998 NFC Champions – Super Bowl XXXIII)
Philadelphia Eagles 1999
Detroit Lions 1999
Birmingham Thunderbolts 2001 (XFL)

Javon Adams: Adams is a man of many interests; sports, music, current events and more are always on the menu. His energy, passion and humor serve as the perfect balance for the listeners and he adds a dash of Hip-Hop swagger creating a unique perspective. Javon is a husband, father, entrepreneur, musician, runner and IPA lover who is unafraid to hold the mirror up and laugh at the hypocrisy but giving respect where it’s due.

Javon and Ed’s chemistry is apparent from the moment they crack the mics at the top of each show. They stray away from ‘hot takes’ and focus on honest commentary. While they often agree, Jay and EZ are not shy about voicing their opinions and bring a banter similar in barbershops across America. They bring laughter and passion to every topic.

The EZ Sports Talk Show also supports a variety of charitable and non-profit organizations across the Valley, providing a platform to promote and bring forward the many great causes and stories.